Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Burmese orphans to have the opportunity to learn in Thai government schools

25 March 2015 | SAW

twelve children under the care of Social Action for Women were allowed to enroll in Vitrakun school in Umphen on March 22, according to the coordinator of SAW Safe House.

Among the 83 children of SAW’s Safe House, 7 males and 5 females would be granted to study in 7th and 8th grades of this school for 2015-2016 academic year after taking physical and preliminary tests on March 29; the rest of the children will study in Thai government’s middle school in Kappiban, Mae Sot.
Safe House’s coordinator Ms. Linda said, “Our children are Burmese, so they’ll have the culture and
language barriers in the beginning. Thai education is based on free thinking to approach the subjects in which our children are lack. Therefore, we can only rank them in second place if they are allowed in Thai schools.”

SAW has been taking care of Burmese orphans for more than a decade, and currently, SAW’s Safe House has 40 males and 43 females in total 83 children. Starting from 2002, SAW has been raising the children whose parents were passed away or those children whose parent/parents (some single parents) who were unable to raise them.

As the children are getting bigger, SAW has to confront many challenges for them: further education, health, security and social prospects, according to the coordinator.