Friday, 30 September 2011

Current Health Problems in Burmese Infants and Children of PhopPhra, Tak Province

Health care providers who work for migrant workers staying along 42 kilometer, 44 kilometer and 35 kilometer in the PhopPhra area of Tak province, south west Thailand try to make laboratory investigations for those infants and children of Burmese migrant farming workers who are now suffering various types of skin infections.
The skin infections which occured in mostly Burmese migrant infants and children might be due to the insecticides and chemical fertilizers usually used in those farms. Between six thousands and eight thousands Burmese migrant workers work in that PhopPhra area of Tak province. Most of them make a live with agriculture and in the rainy season they utalise the contaminated used water from that farms due to the shortage of clean and hygenic water. Local Thais of these area usually use water from tube well, but Burmese migrants can only use that contaminated used water passing out from the farms in the rainy season and in summer, they also use those kind of water which are stored in a huge reservoirs. Previous year, a child with severely infected skin disease was admitted to the Maesot General Hospital and after that Thai health department prohibited the utilisation of that kind of water.
Health care providers and physicians of Non Governmental Organizations said not only the various skin infections, diarrhea as well as dysentery also took place in those infants and the children of Phop Phra. The various types of skin infections are very common among migrant Burmese workers, some children got Alopecia and complicated skin infections did not recovered easily to such extent of time.