Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Mothers’ Day Celebration at Khanbikhan School

12 Aug 2015| SAW | Mae Sot

Coming august 12 will be the mothers’ day of Thailand, so all SAW students, the teachers, the parents and the students from Khanbikhan School in Mae Sot have celebrated the mothers’ day at Khantbikhan School today. All the students from Khanbikhan school have attend as well.

At the ceremony, the students offer the Jasmin flowers and pay Buddhist salute to their mums when the mums offer their blessing to them as well. Then, the children begin to perform their traditional dance with music.

In Thailand, the birthday of her majesty queen is honored as Thailand’s Mothers’ Day, and the majority of Thai people celebrate on that day for every year. This August 12 will be the 83rd birthday of her majesty queen.